Friday, May 21, 2010

How to resize uploaded photo and reduce blog space tremendously

Do you know by resizing photo before you upload to your blog can save a lot of  your blog account space ? There are many ways on how to resize your photo easy and quick and here I will introduce you one of the best!

The software is called PIXresizer. You can simply download it from the internet.
It is FREEWARE created by David the Groot.

 The official website to download is
or you may download from other site. Just type at “PIXResizer download” at google.
Example from CNET site :

Simply download and install the software to your PC.

The general concept is really straight forward :-
1.      Select source (file/folder) contains photo to resize
2.      Select destination of where you want the photo to be saved after resized.
3.      Select photo size ( in % or pixel)
4.      Select file format to resize to (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF)
It will resize your photo very very quickly with just one click!!

That is the raft idea and let’s go more details. You may work with one file or multiples files.

To resize multiples file in one shot
1.      Select files source

2.      Select files destination to save resized files

3. Select file size you desire. Whatever you adjust will be displayed at the right panel side.

4.     Select desired files format. Your may choose either BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG or TIFF.

5.   Save picture! Done !!

As example below are result before and after I resized the files using the PIXresizer which can easily reduce from 22 Mb of  total 10 files size to only less than 1 Mb. Even so, you still can share your photo with others via webs with not so much different in term of photo quality. It save about 97% from the initial size..! To make you feel better, let's compare the photo below :

BEFORE                                            AFTER


This first file is with 2.8 Mb (2800 kb) and the next one is only 81kb. Can you spot  the different ?
Of course you can change the file size setting depends on what photo quality you desire.

Image size =  2.8 Mb

 Image size =  81 kb

 Now you already know that by doing this simple method you can ensure your blog will have longer ‘life’ until it reach the maximum capacity size..!  You can blog more and upload photos even more!!


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